TV is My Girlfriend – Episode 005

Musings on time. 


If anyone knows of a free, or very cheap, transcription service, I would like to start including a transcription in the notes for anyone who is hearing impaired to be able to join in the fun. 


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Who am I talking to?

I got an interesting email that asked the question “Who are you talking to when you say you?” 


Thes answer is simple, but non-obvious, I’m talking to me. 


I geneerally refernce other people directly, but not by name if I’m talking to someone in specific. The podcast is a monologue at myself, just taking fifteen minutes to think on things and examine a topic. Calling mself to task for my own issues. 

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Hey there!

Just a quick update to say that the podcast is coming along.  Some of the things I had intended to have done are not yet. Some of those have been my fault, some due to others, but it’s all good in the end.  I’m going to set a release date of the end of this month. I think that’s fair even if everything isn’t ready, and it keeps me from putting it off forever.

Have a picture of a goat being natures adorable bastard from over at Strange Cosmos